Hilaritas GmbH in Berlin, Germany



Hilaritas GmbH – Latin for “cher-ful-ness” – is a life-style company head-quartered in Berlin, Germany.


Like the Illuminati we fancy the “all-seying eye”

but instead we focus on the “all-empathetic heart”.


Hilaritas GmbH provides legal LSD-derivatives to politicise the masses – LSD.shop · LSD.store · LSD.taxi – and plans the revolution with the prostitution.app:


1D-LSD micro-dosing pellets 1D-LSD macro-dosing tabs 1D-LSD extra-dosing pellets


1.) Live video stream from Hilaritas GmbH founder Carl Philipp Trump



2.) Hilaritas GmbH Projects

· Buy 1D-LSD: LSD.shop

· Shop 1D-LSD: LSD.store

· Order 1D-LSD: LSD.taxi
· 1D-LSD Meetup Group: LSD.party

· 1D-LSD Community Forum: LSD.community

· LSD.shop Facebook Page: LSD.vision

· Hilaritas GmbH Linkedin: LSD.work

· Microdosing kaufen: microdosing.kaufen
· LSD Science: LSD.science

· 1D-LSD Research Study: LSD.works

· 1D-LSD kaufen: LSD.kaufen

· 1D-LSD shopping: LSD.shopping

· Microdosing online kaufen: microdosing.life
· Coaching with 1D-LSD: LSD.coach

· 1D-LSD FAQ: LSD.guide

· Fitness with 1D-LSD: LSD.fitness

· Yoga with 1D-LSD: LSD.yoga

· Microdosing shopping: microdosing.store
· 1D-LSD Sex Parties: LSD.adult

· 1D-LSD LGBT Sex Parties: LSD.lgbt

· 1D-LSD Porn: LSD.porn


3.) Imprint (Legal Notice) & Contact of the Hilaritas GmbH

Hilaritas GmbH
c/o Carl Philipp Trump
Liebigstraße 3 A
10247 Berlin

Managing Director: Carl Philipp Trump

Telephone: +49 30 887 892 09 (customer service hours are from Monday till Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 06:30 p.m. in Central European Time)
E-Mail: [email protected] (your private data gets securely stored by ProtonMail)
Web: www.hilaritas.co

1.) Entry of the Hilaritas GmbH in the Commercial Register (“Handelsregister”)

2.) Ownership Structure of the Hilaritas GmbH

  1. 100% of the Hilaritas GmbH is owned by the holding company Pleasure Holding UG (haftungsbeschränkt) of the Hilaritas-founder and CEO Carl Philipp Trump.

3.) An overview of dispute resolution bodies authorized in Germany can be found here

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